Despite their sister’s overeager meddling, Maud fundamentally chooses to accept inside the Ponyville, moving into a jewel cave close to the town

On the event The new Present of the Maud Cake, Maud fits Pinkie Cake when you look at the Manehattan in order to celebrate their yearly “Pie Sisters’ Amaze Swap Big date”, in which they spend go out sightseeing along with her and you can change gifts from the sunset. Throughout their stay in Manehattan, Maud primarily expresses demand for rock-associated things, and she briefly demonstrates a talent having ice skating.

For the provide replace, Maud gets Pinkie a beneficial cardboard basket regarding cupcake-fragrant confetti, and you will she receives a different sort of material wallet to create this lady pets Boulder in the. But not, whenever she finds out one Pinkie received the newest pocket in exchange for their precious cluster cannon, Maud efficiency the fresh new pocket to discover the cannon straight back. She along with says to Pinkie one to long lasting she get getting Pie Sisters’ Treat Swap Go out, she will enjoy it as much time as it’s provided away from love.

12 months eight

From inside the Reliable Relationship, Maud brings in the woman rocktorate inside the material technology, and the label away from “doctor”, and considers thinking of moving Ponyville to help expand the woman knowledge. Since Pinkie shows the woman exactly what Ponyville can offer, Maud befriends Starlight Glimmer and securities with her more than stones and you may kite-traveling.

An effective flashback in the episode reveals that Maud inadvertently helped Starlight on her behalf way to installing the lady community out-of cutie draw-faster ponies, directing the woman in the direction of new cavern where she would keep the cutie scratching off their followers.

For the Unusual Thread, throughout the Sunburst’s trip to Ponyville, Maud gets family members which have him with the mutual demand for geology. She later support your reconcile with Starlight Glimmer whenever she seems put aside throughout the his go to.

12 months 7

On the Maud Couple, Maud raises Pinkie in order to the girl sweetheart Mudbriar. Their mannerisms and you will quirks seriously log on to Pinkie’s nerves, to the level where Pinkie struggles to rationalize just how or why Maud enjoys him. Shortly after benefiting from recommendations off her most other siblings Limestone and you can Marble, Pinkie sets with Mudbriar because the guy renders Maud happier, plus the about three commemorate Maud’s birthday celebration with her.

Into the Bogus It ‘Til You will be making They, Maud renders an effective cameo as one of the possible ponies Rarity requires to perform the woman Manehattan shop, Rareness To you personally. Maud refuses, but suggests Fluttershy, and also to a lower life expectancy extent, Boulder. On Separation Break down, Maud appears spending time with Mudbriar during Hearts and you may Hooves Time (the help of its dogs Boulder and you can Twiggy which have the same time).

Within just Principals, Starlight Glimmer uses Maud becoming a temporary substitute professor in the the institution off Relationship. Into the Yakity-Sax, Maud transports each of Pinkie’s homes back again to brand new Cake household members stone ranch down to Pinkie briefly thinking of moving Yakyakistan. When Pinkie’s family make an effort to ask the girl what’s happening, she will bring excessively-exact solutions to the concerns.

Most readily useful Gift Ever

Throughout the escape unique My personal Nothing Horse Most useful Provide Ever before, Maud seems remembering Hearth’s Warming Eve along with her and you will Applejack’s family, and you can Mudbriar. When Pinkie asks the girl, Limestone and you can Marble to greatly help the woman favor the greatest present to possess Twilight, Maud implies giving the lady a stone, despite Pinkie denying one Twilight carry out really want a rock.

Seasons nine

From inside the Sparkle’s Eight, Maud looks temporarily since the an excellent “specialist” to simply help having Twilight’s heist, providing Applejack to-break a stone by the seeking its weakest spot.

Within the Student The advice, Maud and you can Mudbriar place an associate due to their family relations in order to commemorate the newest Springtime Solstice. Into the party, Terramar comes up, requesting assist looking their sibling Silverstream. Inside browse, the group run into a head out of Cockatrices, causing Mudbriar getting considered brick (that renders him more attractive for the Maud’s attention). Once Silverstream is based, which have domesticated a good Cockatrice she titled “Edith”, Maud reluctantly requests Mudbriar is recovered on track.

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