Often, when we think of books about addiction and specifically alcoholism , we think of important, tell-all works of nonfiction. Memoirs like Sarah Hepola’s Blackout, Augusten Burroughs’ Dry, and Drunk Mom by Jowita Bydlowska are recent, searing examples of first person accounts of being drunk and then, eventually, being sober. There are also the self-help books, the AA manuals, the well-meaning but often dry tomes to Sober House help one acquire clarity and consistency in a life where addiction often creates chaos and disorder. This book does an excellent job describing what it’s like to feel “less than.” For me, that is the crux of my drinking. I truly appreciate that Hepola addresses sexuality patterns for many women alcoholics. It’s difficult to portray this in a way that is understandable but does not excuse the behavior nor shame it.

Coupled with my daily Bible reading,Utmostis a classic devotional that gets me ready for my day and enables me to meditate on God throughout the 24 hours ahead. Any of these conditions suggests it would make sense to stop drinking. Get great free recovery-related content like newsletters, blog posts, podcasts, videos and invitations to special SMART Recovery events delivered straight to your inbox. As a child, Helaina Hovitz witnessed the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. Being so close to this leaves her with a serious case of PTSD throws her into despair and later lands her in the throes of addiction. This is a different memoir because it focuses not on the road to sobriety, but on what happens with your life now that you’ve done the thing that once seemed impossible. She’s just someone who uses alcohol to muster up the courage, and, well, survive life. This is just how it has always been since her introduction to Southern Comfort when she was fourteen. This book is beautiful, compelling, and a riveting retelling of Jackson’s life as well as those of his male relatives who have gone through similar journeys. In 1992, Mishka Shubaly survived a mass shooting at his school, his parents divorced, his father abandoned him, and he swore he would right all the wrongs for his mother.

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We believe one of the best books to provide insight into the family system that works against a solution to addiction is the S.A.F.E. Intervention & Family Recovery Coaching guide. Developed by Family First Intervention, S.A.F.E. is the acronym for Self Awareness & Family Education. The book is about addictive behaviors, manipulations, and the unhealthy family roles that develop to balance dysfunction. We hope that the reader will see things differently and apply the suggested solutions to help improve the situation. best books on alcohol addiction Most of the books are trying to make a similar point, and that is why it is helpful to read multiple books on boundaries so you can read them from various perspectives. What is profound about Codependent No More by Melody Beattie is her ability to articulate the importance of boundaries while keeping the reader engaged. Her book has personal stories, reflections, quotes, self-tests, and exercises. We encourage the reader to stop looking at alcoholics differently and see the alcoholic as an addict.

It provides a roadmap to follow during a person’s journey through the recovery process. Mary Karr is known for her wit and charming style, and in these pages, she discusses pretty much all her life struggles, not only those with alcohol. This memoir is poetic and a treat for lovers of beautiful writing. That bottle of merlot was all Kerry Cohen could think about as she got through her day. She did all she had to do but always with this reward on top of her mind. For Caroline Knapp, as it is for many, alcohol was the protective friend that allowed her to get through life. Her protector became her lover and this is the memoir of their twenty-years-long destructive relationship. Beneath her perfect life and incredible success hides a girl who thought she had cheated her way out of her anxiety and stress via alcohol, but now has completely surrendered to the powers of this magical liquid.

Alcohol And The Addictive Brain

Reading books about alcoholism is possible, and is as simple as downloading the PDF to a digital device that is readily accessible. This can be a convenient alternative to a hard copy, although many people do find that reading a physical copy of a book creates a stronger connection than through a screen. This is the book for you if you’re looking for masterful prose and an important message. More than just a tale of addiction to recovery, this is Karr’s story about the necessity of faith and love along the journey.

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